Plant and machine engineering

Control leads shielded/unshielded, Motor drive cables, Drag chain cable, Hybrid cable, Wire rope, Helix cable, Special-purpose cable

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Sensor technology

Sensor cable shielded/unshielded, Encoder cables

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Industrial communication

ASIBus, CAN Bus, Y CAN Bus, ProfiBus, Interbus, Desina, SafetyBus

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Medical technology

EEG and ECG cable, Master cable, Coaxial cable, Low-noise cable, Self-cleaving cable, Special-purpose cabling according to customer specifications

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Measurement and testing technology

Detector leads, Coaxial cable, Lab. cable, Measurement and testing cable, High-voltage cable

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Custom applications

Customized special-purpose cables, Audio and video leads, Instrumentation cable, Robotic cabling, Hybrid cable, Drag chain cable, Coaxial cable ...

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Welcome to Germany's most innovative cable manufacturer

On the pages that follow we will show you how you can achieve exactly the cable you need, whether it be a USB or an Ethernet and firewall cable, a solar-power and photo-voltaic cable, a cable for measurement and testing technology, for medical devices, such as ECG or EEG machines, for audio and video technology, for special-purpose machinery and safety technology, for defense technology, for use in drag chains, in mobile telephony or communication technology.

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